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New!  Exciting Program--Lease THEN Own!

Introducing a NEW and unique program Lease THEN Own.

YOU choose the home YOU want from houses for sale, not just the ones some investor has. With this new program, YOU have the power, YOU have the control, YOU get to choose which home YOU want in a nice area with top rated schools!


Banks aren’t lending like they used to.

If you’re self-employed, have stated income, or less than perfect credit – then you know its near impossible to get a traditional home loan. That doesn’t mean your dream of home ownership shouldn’t become a reality. If you want to buy a new home, but can’t get a traditional mortgage, we can help!


We’re experienced real estate professionals.

You want to choose YOUR OWN HOME, not just from a small group of homes that are being offered. Once you have qualified, you can start to find the home you want, one that is on the market right now and waiting for you. Our program doesn't require bank qualification to get into the home of your choice as in a traditional sale.



  • You choose the home you want to buy.

  • Houses are only going up in price – there’s never been a better time to buy!

  • Size, price, location, and condition – your choice, your next dream home.

  • The best school districts – you don't have to compromise your children's education.

  • Close quickly, move-in at your convenience.



What if you have to move and can't buy the house?  

There are NO fees and NO penalties if you can't or just don't want to buy. We know that sometimes things change in our lives.  A job transfer or family obligations can facilitate a move.  That's why we don't penalize you if you can't buy the house (not like a traditional rent to own where you would lose a substantial amount of money in the non refundable option deposit if you don't buy the house).  

For immediate assistance with Lease THEN Own, call:


The requirements are simple.  You need a 525 or higher credit score, two years rental history, no evictions or criminal record.  Your annual household income should be $50,000 or more (and verifyable). In addition to a few more requirements, you will need to show that you have funds to close.


Lease THEN Own is a great way to live in the house YOU want now, and not have to wait until you can qualify for a mortgage!


 To pre-qualify, CLICK HERE or call us today at 925-289-9119.

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