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Welcome to Contra Costa Properties


At Contra Costa Properties the connection is personal. We don't have dispassionate employees, automated phone systems or automated email replies.


We know why we are in business--our clients are our mission.  One call to our staff will show you what that means.


Personalized Service.

What our clients are saying about Contra Costa Properties:

“I have worked with Paul now for several years and can say that it is money well spent. He has saved me thousands by knowing the business and how to protect my assets. I have and will continue to recommend Paul to anyone looking for a top notch property manager. Beyond my satisfaction, I have heard back from tenants that working with Paul and his team has been a quality experience and at least one former tenant intends to employ Paul in the future. He has my implicit trust when it comes to matters of my investment property.”


-- Adam Shore

Director of Client Solutions at Entisys Solutions, Inc.

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