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Property  Management

Tenant relationships, maintenance, security and financial administration are paramount to good property management.


For decades, Contra Costa Properties has seen to the needs of our landlord clients, assuring positive cash flow while increasing the net value of investments.  We work to assure that the value of the property is maintained and increased by assuring tenants feel safe and secure and are satisfied with the properties we manage.  Being accessible and responsive to tenants' needs not only is good for the tenant, but also minimizes expenses by keeping buildings leased.


It is our belief that the best way to find a property manager that will really take care of your portfolio is to find one based on the experience of others. We are proud that Contra Costa Properties has never lost a client due to dissatisfaction.

What our clients are saying about Contra Costa Properties:

"Been dealing with Paul for the last 10-15 years. A stand up guy who always responds quickly. Wish all property managers were in his league."


--Joe Marver

Founder-Spirit Halloween   



Paul is proficient in planning and caring out a strategy. He has the ability to keep on track with the task with adverse or stressful conditions."


--Kevin Clark

Owner, Clark Construction Co.



Paul is a professional, courteous, result oriented manager. My experience with Contra Costa Properties is that I am a service provider, I own a custom sign and lighting Company, Paul has an attention for detail and keeping the properties that he manages in a safe presentable and well kept condition.


--Brian Schneider

JSJ Eletrical Display Corporation



Paul is on top of his business, focused on building his business while serving his customers. He is pleasant to work with and provides the right answers to any concern you may have, that comes from his vast experience in his industry.


--Greg Iverson

CEO at Common Sense Association Management, Inc.

Homeowner Association (HOA) Management


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